Polylite™ Shower Base


The unbreakable shower base

Showerline is extremely excited to present the new way forward in shower bases. Polylite™ is a revolutionary new material in the shower base market. It is constructed of a new-age polymer composite. A 900mm x 900mm base weighs under 5kg compared to a poly-marble base weighing 37kg.

Superior strength compared to all current shower bases ensures longevity after installation (refer to installation guide). Ease of installation is assured as the base is fixed to the floor via a flexible bonding agent. This also creates permanent, stable contact with the foundation.

Features include:
  • Superior strength
  • Extremely light weight, allowing one person installation
  • Eliminates the need for installation on cement slurry
  • Continuity of dimensions
  • Multiple outlet positions available
  • Multiple profiles available

Both our Lowline™ and 4 Way showerbases are available in Polylite™.

Ardex Certificate Of Test For Showerline Polylite Shower Tray

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