Sustainability Policy

What we do today has an impact on our world tomorrow, especially how we approach the environment. A priority at Showerline is to continually address our impact on the environment. We have been working for a number of years to understand and improve our sustainability right across our business. We are committed to maintaining, and improving, our position as a leader in sustainability practices in our industry.


Sustainability is a core part of Showerline’s business. We understand that simple changes in our everyday operations can make a big difference, and we seek to implement these changes wherever we can. Initiatives undertaken include:

  • Converting our vehicle fleet to run on clean gas;
  • Maintaining environmentally friendly administration practices such as reducing paper usage, eliminating unnecessary printing, continuously reviewing gas and electricity usage;
  • Continuously improving in our product range to incorporate recyclable, light weight products;
  • Working with stakeholders right across our supply chain to achieve the best possible environmental outcomes;
  • A commitment to continuous learning and implementing environmental best practices from all our staff

Showerline. Manufacturing with Australia’s future in mind.